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Custom Build Dining Table Worksheet

Square / Rectangle Shape Tables

Oval Shape Tables

Round Shape Tables

Step 1: Choose Table Shape and Size

Shapes and sizes represented here are examples of the most popular sizes. All of our tables are custom made and we can modify sizes to meet your specific needs. More information on selecting table size.

More information on selecting table shape.

Square / Rectangle Shape Tables
Seats 4 A: Square 42″ x 42″
Seats 6 B: Rectangle 36″ x 62″
Seats 8 C: Rectangle 36″ x 84″
Seats 10 D: Rectangle 44″ x 126″
Seats 12 E: Rectangle 52″ x 148″
Oval Shape Tables
Seats 4 A: Oval 36″ x 48″
Seats 6 B: Rectangle 46″ x 77″
Seats 8 C: Rectangle 54″ x 94″
Seats 10 D: Rectangle 54″ x 114″
Seats 12 E: Rectangle 56″ x 130″
Round Tables
Seats 4 A: Round 48″
Seats 6 B: Round 60″
Seats 8 C: Round 72″
Seats 10 D: Round 84″
Seats 12 E: Round 96″

Leg Choices

Step 2: Choose Legs or Base

We offer a wide variety of table leg styles for which to choose. Some styles are available in different thicknesses referred to as stout, medium, or thin. As a rule, the longer and wider the table the larger the leg. We are happy to make recommendations. All standard table legs styles are included in the table price. Carved Queen Anne Cabriole legs add $1,000 to the table price. We can also custom design an original leg at your request.


A: Thin Shaker Turned

G: Queen Anne Cabriole L: Country Cabriole Medium
B: Thin Buttonfoot H: Spoonfoot M: Country Cabriole Stout
C: Medium Contemporary I: Stout Tapered N: Stout Round Turned
D:  R.I. Turned Stout J: Medium Tapered O: Medium Round Turned
E: R.I. Turned Medium K: Thin Tapered P: Thin Round Turned
F: R.I. Turned Thin
A: Pedestal Base – add $850 B: Shaker Trestle Base – add $750
C: Sawbuck Trestle Base – add $850 D: Stout Trestle Base – add $950

Base Choices

Step 3: Details

Wood Options

We offer our tables in native hardwoods, including Tiger Maple, Cherry, Ash, Maple, and White Pine. Table pricing is the same for all of these wood species. We will work with other wood species upon request and availability. Additional costs may be associated with other wood choices.

Edge Shape Options
Edge Choices
Corner Shape Options

Applicable for rectangle shape tables.
Corner Shape Options

Finish Options
For estimate purpose, please select a finish that is shown on the type of wood you have selected. As the order process proceeds, we will discuss finish options with you, and send you samples to help you make your final choice.

Finish Choices


We offer three table surface choices: Sanded Smooth, Block Planed, or Scurb Plained. Examples are shown along with finsh options.

Leaf Options

End Leaves – Add $500

Short Drop Leaves

Rule Joint – Add $895

Finger Joint – Add $1,250


To calculate the standard price of a table, multiply (Length x Width), divided by 144 (to calculate square footage) then multiply x $215 per square foot. Example:

36″ x 62″ Table

36″ x 62″ = 2232  divided by 144 = 15.5 Square feet

15.5 Square feet x $215= $3,332.50

Free Estimate Worksheet Form

Use this form to keep track of your selections. Don’t worry…this is just a starting point. We’ll work with you directly to answer questions and help you make your final choices. We’ll even send wood and finshes samples to your home.

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